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Auskunft durch den Whois-Servers whois.ripe.net % This is the RIPE Database query service. % The objects are in RPSL format. % % The RIPE Database is subject to Terms and Conditions. % See http://www.ripe.net/db/support/db-terms-conditions.pdf % see also http://www.mein-whois.de/info? % Note: this output has been filtered. % To receive output for a database update, use the "-B" flag. % Information related to ' -' % Abuse contact for ' -' is 'abuse@rcs-rds.ro' inetnum: - netname: RO-RCS-RDS descr: RCS & RDS Business descr: City: Satu Mare remarks: INFRA-AW country: RO admin-c: RDS-RIPE tech-c: RDS-RIPE tech-c: RDS2012-RIPE status: ASSIGNED PA mnt-by: AS8708-MNT mnt-lower: AS8708-MNT created: 2012-11-09T16:04:56Z last-modified: 2013-10-03T10:50:39Z source: RIPE # Filtered role: RCS & RDS NOC address: 75 Dr. Staicovici address: Bucharest / ROMANIA phone: +40 314 004 440 fax-no: +40 314 004 441 abuse-mailbox: abuse@rcs-rds.ro admin-c: GEPU1-RIPE admin-c: VIG10-RIPE tech-c: GEPU1-RIPE tech-c: VIG10-RIPE nic-hdl: RDS-RIPE mnt-by: AS8708-MNT remarks: +--------------------------------------------------------------+ remarks: | ABUSE CONTACT: abuse@rcs-rds.ro IN CASE OF HACK ATTACKS, | remarks: | ILLEGAL ACTIVITY, VIOLATION, SCANS, PROBES, SPAM, ETC. | remarks: | !! PLEASE DO NOT CONTACT OTHER PERSONS FOR THESE PROBLEMS !! | remarks: +--------------------------------------------------------------+ created: 1970-01-01T00:00:00Z last-modified: 2017-07-20T12:31:46Z source: RIPE # Filtered role: RCS RDS address: 71-75 Dr. Staicovici address: Bucharest / ROMANIA phone: +40 21 30 10 888 fax-no: +40 21 30 10 892 abuse-mailbox: abuse@rcs-rds.ro admin-c: GEPU1-RIPE tech-c: GEPU1-RIPE nic-hdl: RDS2012-RIPE mnt-by: RDS-MNT remarks: +------------------------------------------------------------+ remarks: | Please use ABUSE@RCS-RDS.RO for complaints and only after | remarks: | you have tried contacting directly our customers according | remarks: | to the details registered in RIPE database. | remarks: +------------------------------------------------------------+ remarks: | DO NOT CALL, FAX, OR CONTACT US BY ANY OTHER MEANS EXCEPT | remarks: | abuse@rcs-rds.ro | remarks: +------------------------------------------------------------+ created: 2012-01-24T08:33:39Z last-modified: 2013-05-11T03:16:10Z source: RIPE # Filtered % Locator for this information is % http://www.mein-whois.de/? % % Mehr Informationen zu Internet und Web unter % http://www.mein-html.de % Information related to '' route: descr: RDSNET origin: AS8708 mnt-by: AS8708-MNT created: 2003-07-14T08:23:35Z last-modified: 2004-09-09T07:36:42Z source: RIPE % This query was served by the RIPE Database Query Service version 1.94 (ANGUS)

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